Alliance Summer 2022 Professional Development
The Alliance for Public Waldorf Education is offering Summer Professional Development designed for the Public Waldorf Community

Week 1: July 11th-15th Theory and Practice

Week One of Professional Development offers a combination of theory and practice for educators working out of the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education.  Designed for all members of the Public Waldorf community, participants can choose from a variety of offerings, including introductory/orientation sessions for those new to Public Waldorf education (these sessions are prerequisites for all grades teachers new to Public Waldorf who wish to enroll in Week #2). In addition to the orientation sessions, teachers have the opportunity to participate in courses in child development, special education, therapeutic education, DEI, leadership, and mindfulness.  Artistic courses are designed to help develop the teacher’s inner life.  Participants can sign up for the entire week or may select individual courses that meet their professional/inner development needs.  

Week 2: July 18th-22nd Early Childhood through 8th Grade

Week two is designed for teachers in schools working out of the core principles of Public Waldorf Education. The schedule reflects a professional development experience to support and prepare teachers for entering the classroom.  Instructors have all been involved with schools working out of the core principles and look forward to forming cohorts specific to each grade/area in the morning course.  The courses in math, literacy, and the arts will form as cohorts combining two grades.  Please expect to participate in all the courses for your grade/area, as the instructors are working together to build up a complete picture.  Our hope is that new friendships will form, new insights and practical skills will be gained and that participants will leave feeling refreshed and enthusiastic to begin teaching their classes.

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El Rio Community School
avatar for Shelly Adrian

Shelly Adrian

Desert Sky Community School
Executive Director

Raul Alcantar

Dean of Student Culture
avatar for Monica Alexandra

Monica Alexandra

Alliance conference

Erica Behler

Monteey Bay Charter School
6th Grade Teacher

Jennifer Benedetti

Live Oak Charter School
grades teacher
avatar for Jessie Benenson

Jessie Benenson

Portland Village School
avatar for Kris Boshell

Kris Boshell

Waldorf Learning Support
avatar for Hellene S. Brodsky, MA

Hellene S. Brodsky, MA

APWE BOARD/Journey School
avatar for Caleb Buckley

Caleb Buckley

Golden Valley Charter Schools
Executive Director
avatar for Elliot Calloway

Elliot Calloway

Yuba River
Main Class Teacher
avatar for Dawn Campbell

Dawn Campbell

Circle of Seasons Charter School
avatar for Mary Cassidy

Mary Cassidy

Stone Bridge School
5th Grade Teacher 2022/23

Amy Chalifoux

Circle of Seasons Charter School
Art Therapist/SEL Teacher

Catherine Collins

Community School for Creative Education

Cori Duggins

avatar for Eric Eaton

Eric Eaton

Gathering Waters Charter School
Assistant Teacher
avatar for Victoria Ellis

Victoria Ellis

Mountain Oak School
Ecotherapist & Gardening Teacher
avatar for Laura Embrey-Stine

Laura Embrey-Stine

Camellia Waldorf School
Pedagogical Chair
avatar for Jen Fialk

Jen Fialk

SunRidge School
Kindergarten Aide
avatar for Nicolle Frazee

Nicolle Frazee

Monterey Bay Charter School
Classroom Teacher
avatar for Amy Garnsey

Amy Garnsey

Mountain Phoenix Community School
5th grade teacher
avatar for Diana Graber

Diana Graber

Cyber Civics
avatar for Amy Green-Bosinoff

Amy Green-Bosinoff

Sycamore Creek Community Charter School
class of 2027 teacher

Kitty Groom

Ocean Charter School
Class Teacher

Angela Habbal

La Vida Charter School
avatar for Tamara Hallock

Tamara Hallock

Peace Valley Charter School
Third Grade Teacher
avatar for Razia Ali Hamm

Razia Ali Hamm

Constellation Charter School
School Director

Saul Harper

Madrone Trail Charter School
Rising 8th grade Main Lesson Teacher
avatar for Susan Hinton

Susan Hinton

Parent, CASA (Child Advocate)
avatar for Rebecca Hipps

Rebecca Hipps

The Waldorf Coach
avatar for Susan C Hixson

Susan C Hixson

Golden Valley Charter School
Kinder IA

Pia Houseal

Circle of Seasons Charter School
Director of Student Services
avatar for Leigh Jardine

Leigh Jardine

Mountain Phoenix Community School
Special Education teacher
avatar for Lori Kemmler

Lori Kemmler

Mountain song school
2nd grade teacher
avatar for Neal Kennerk

Neal Kennerk

Brooklin School
Art Integrationist

Aurelia Khatib

sycamore creek charter
3rd grade teacher

Bill Kobabe

Class 7 teacher, Charter Council member

Chantal Kovash

SunRidge School
Grade 3 Teacher
avatar for Kelly Krieves

Kelly Krieves

Mountain Sage
Pedagogical Mentor

Patricia Laird-Martin

Pine Forest School
Handwork Teacher
avatar for Katherine G. Lehman

Katherine G. Lehman

Teacher Educator

Curtis Lin

Upper Grades Math and 8th Grade Advisor
avatar for Julie Ludvigsen

Julie Ludvigsen

Gathering Waters Charter School
6th Grade Teacher

Michelle Lutz

Sebastopol Charter School
avatar for Jan Lyndes

Jan Lyndes

Gathering Waters
avatar for April McDonald

April McDonald

Sebastopol Charter School
avatar for Alexandra Mekis

Alexandra Mekis

Sycamore Creek
Grade 2 Teacher
avatar for Jamie Morrisseau

Jamie Morrisseau

SunRidge Charter School
avatar for Denise Neal

Denise Neal

Mountain Song Community School
Elementary Teacher
avatar for Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson

Jefferson County Public Schools
Waldorf- Inspired Visual Arts, K-5
avatar for Shirley Nilsen

Shirley Nilsen

Mountain Sunrise Academy
Fourth Grade Class Teacher
avatar for Chamomile Nusz

Chamomile Nusz

Alliance for Public Waldorf Education
Membership Director
avatar for Erinn Oliver

Erinn Oliver

Mountain Phoenix Community School
Grades Interventionist
avatar for Janice Oliver-Iraci

Janice Oliver-Iraci

Golden Valley Orchard School
Grades Teacher
avatar for Robert Pegg

Robert Pegg

Yuba River Charter
Class Teacher

Laureen Pelayo

Raleigh Oak Charter School
Grade 8 Teacher
avatar for Lynn St. Pierre

Lynn St. Pierre

Dancing Hands & Frolicking Voices
Early Childhood Educator

Helen Prohoroff

Heartwood charter school
Class Teacher
avatar for Jennifer Brooks Quinn

Jennifer Brooks Quinn

Center for Biography and Social Art
biography counselor
avatar for Ashley Radzat

Ashley Radzat

The Sebastopol Charter School
avatar for Anna Rainville

Anna Rainville

Waldorf School of the Peninsula
avatar for Mary Ruud

Mary Ruud

Alliance For Public Waldorf Education
avatar for Elizabeth Seward

Elizabeth Seward

Waldorf Handwork Educators
avatar for malia rives smith

malia rives smith

Monterey Bay Charter School
Kindergarten Teacher
avatar for Kimberly Telfer-Radzat

Kimberly Telfer-Radzat

Sycamore Creek Community Charter School
Lead Teacher
avatar for Kimberly Telfer-Radzat

Kimberly Telfer-Radzat

Sycamore Creek Community Charter School
Lead Teacher
avatar for Anna Tosick

Anna Tosick

Bolinas-Stinson Union School District

Jamie Trummer

Portland Village School
7th Grade Teacher
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